Essay writing guide for beginners

Easy is defined as a piece of writing based on analysis, interpretation, and evidence or narrative that give rise to an argument. Writing an essay effectively requires a strong blend of forethought, experimentation, analysis, writing, and revision.

Essay writing involves 3 main stages.

  1. Preparation
  2. Writing
  3. Revision


  1. Preparatory stage
  • Before writing an essay understand the assignment by reading it several times. Get to know the assignment length, required formatting, and method of its submission.
  • Choose a topic that is interesting, catchy, and most importantly that fulfills your assignment demands.
  • After deciding the topic, do some research on your topic and gather data from books, journals, and authentic websites.
  • Create an outline
  1. Writing stage
  • First Write an introduction in a way that compels the reader to go through the whole essay and provide them a clue of what you have covered in the essay. Also, Provide the background information and thesis statement in this portion.
  • After writing an introductory part, start writing body paragraphs. This is the part where you present the information and evidence to support your argument.
  • At last, Conclude your essay with impactful sentences.
  • Essay writing guide for beginners
  1. Revision and editing

Once you are done with the Essay writing guide for beginners process, check the whole document and make sure that it is written well according to the outline, it is free of mistakes and the provided shreds of evidence are from reliable sources. At last, Proofread the entire essay after a day or two and then submit it.

Some students find easy writing a laborious and boring task, some lack essay writing skills and some do not like writing at all. if you are facing any of the above-discussed issues and you are worried about your grades, contact us. our expert writers can craft any type of essay for you according to your requirements and academic needs.

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