Terms & Conditions

Whiff Chronicles Ltd., Liverpool, Merseyside, L3 1BP, UNITED KINGDOM, owns and operates Hill Papers.

1. Definition of our vocabulary

  • Agreement: It is a phrase that relates to the terms of service.
  • Order: It’s a request for specific writing assistance from a customer at Hill Papers. It outlines the client’s needs as well as the required references in order.
  • Website/company: Whiff Chronicles Ltd control and administers Hill Papers.
  • Product: The outcome of the purchase that the customer acquires under the initial specifications.
  • Client/customer: It refers to everyone who uses our service to place an order or contribute data.
  • Revision: The customer’s desire to change the finalized draft depending on the preliminary specifications.
  • Support: It is the firm’s organizational team in charge of assisting customers through the purchasing process.
  • Writer: A writer is a firm employee that delivers writing services to clients based on their specifications.

2. Terms & Conditions of General Use

By placing an order with Hill Papers (controlled and administered by Whiff Chronicles ltd), you consent to the following terms and conditions.

You should be of legal age to access this service; otherwise, you must browse or make a purchase on this platform under the guidance of your legal guardians.

  • Our Country of Domicile is the United Kingdom.
  • Minors under the age of 18 are not authorized to register as users or conduct any transactions on this website.
  • A record of transaction information, as well as Merchant policies and regulations, must be kept on reference by the account holder.
  • We accept payments in USD via PayPal instantly (or any other agreed currencies).
  • The legislation of the United Kingdom will apply and interpret any disagreement or claim to originate out of or in relation with this website.

3. Signup and Order Process

  • The order is made by completing out the online order form or approaching the customer service team for assistance.
  • The nature and topic of work, transaction data, and delivery conditions are all specified on the order forms. The client is required to provide proper information on the form, or he or she can have support personnel fill out and make the purchase on their behalf.
  • The customer should create an account by entering his or her name and email address, and phone number. If the client’s contact information changes over time, the customer is responsible for updating the profile or notifying the support team.
  • The client will not be able to establish another account with the same email once the first one has been successfully created. The client is not permitted to register numerous accounts, but the company can combine several accounts into one profile to keep track of recent purchases.

4. Order Payment

  • The total cost of the order is calculated based on the website’s price. After receiving payment in principle, the company’s writers will start the order procedure.
  • The buyer can pay half of the total price at the time of order while the remaining before final delivery. The clients can receive the final order from their dashboard after completing the payment.
  • The customer can obtain the finished document by entering it into his or her account on the site. The customer will receive an email and SMS notification after the completion of his/her order.
  • Before contacting customer service, the client should verify whether there is an issue with his or her credit or if there are any online payment limitations.

5. Order Procedure

  • Validation of order: The Company reserves the option to double-check the order specifications to ensure that they fit the initial criteria in the order as well as any extra special needs provided by the client through chat or phone. If there is a discrepancy, the customer support team will approach you to explain and complete the purchase information.
  • The volume of orders placed: A single-spaced page has 600 words, whereas a double-spaced page contains about 300 words.
  • Change in Order Specifications: If there are any changes to the order, the client can engage with the customer support service. The proposed alterations may have an impact on the paper’s length and difficulty and will directly affect the overall cost, which will be addressed with the client.
  • Resources: If the customer needs a certain resource to justify the order requirements, they must send it to the writers. The customer must upload the source before the writer is assigned and starts working on the order.
  • Regulation of Delivery: There is no actual shipment or delivery because we provide digital services. As a result, the client will not be charged a shipping cost. We notify the consumer through email and WhatsApp when the order is ready, and he may download the finished order from his account. The client specifies the order’s turnover time, and as a service company, we take that duty seriously and do everything we can to meet that deadline. The delivery time might range from 1 to 60 days, based on the customer’s specifications.
    1. In line with UK legislation, Hill Papers (controlled and administered by Whiff Chronicles ltd) will not engage in business with or supply any services or commodities to any OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) sanctioned nations.

6. Policy on Revisions

If the completed order and the preliminary specifications do not match, the company will make modifications and updates.

The company will hold the right to make revisions in case of:

  • Before the modification, the client cannot make any changes to the document.
  • There is no breaching of the General Terms of services.
  • The specific request for revision is processed within 24 hours.
  • No revisions will be entertained after 14 days from the date of the first order placement.

7. General Policy

  • The company reserves the authority to delete any information for any reason at any time and without preceding notice to the client. The client must not rely on website data. The content on this page is provided solely as guidance and may not be reliable.
  • Hill Papers (controlled and administered by Whiff Chronicles ltd) owns the whole website, including all logos, trademarks, and designs. Under UK and international law, the firm owns all intellectual property rights and copyrights. The clients must keep all ownership and other warnings included in the item if you download it for individual use. Similarly, they agree not to use any other method to access the information unless permitted by the company.
  • They acknowledge not to submit any content ordered on Hill Papers (controlled and administered by Whiff Chronicles ltd) as their effort under any condition.
  • Clients order the writing service from Hill Papers (controlled and administered by Whiff Chronicles ltd) for their use only.
  • The writing services of Hill Papers are only for guidance purposes.
  • Hill Papers (controlled and administered by Whiff Chronicles ltd) will not be held liable for any costs incurred as a result of the services acquired, whether explicitly or implicitly.
  • The customer is responsible for providing accurate order information and ensuring the delivery of all resources on time. Failure to submit the essential information may cause the order to be delayed, and the firm will not be held liable.
  • The consumer is completely obliged for keeping his or her data private (username, password).

8. Use of Service

  • All writing services delivered by Hill Papers (controlled and administered by Whiff Chronicles ltd) are just to be used as guidance and should not be considered the client’s work.
  • The company owns all the copyrights. Any breach of the company’s agreements and terms will be held against the client.

Modifications in Terms & Conditions:

Customers acknowledge that Hill Papers has the right to change the terms and conditions of the contract. All updates will be published on the website; therefore it is a good idea to check it frequently.

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