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For nearly 5 years now, we have been in the custom academic writing market. If we were not the best at what we do, we would not have remained in business for long. To see what people, think about us, please check our customer reviews and you will see why we are constantly one of the best in our competitive industry. Our rivals hire off-shore “writers” for whom English is a 2nd or 3rd language and who work for less than a minimal salary. Many of what other websites offer comes from digital “paper mill” content that is copied from random sites.

There are no reasons to worry. Your instructor might wish this was unlawful, but it is 100 percent LEGAL and safe to use our writing service. We have been working actively in the area of student assistance within the legal system for over 5 years, but we are not in violation of the laws in any way. In writing services, there is no rule against purchasing papers so it can be seen as a form of online tutoring. You pay to get a deeper interpretation of your Research question or your lecturer’s recommended topic.

You compensate for the assistance of an instructor who gives you a custom-written research guide and teaches you how to tackle your subject.

The majority of academic writers at Hill Papers are based in the United States and the United Kingdom, while some work from Australia, Canada, and Ireland. Most of them are native English speakers who graduated from prestigious universities and hold advanced degrees (Ph.D. and Masters).

Our price is determined by the number of pages written (single/double spaced), turnover date, and academic level according to objective industry standards. While special formatting is offered including Table of Contents, illustrations, tables, indexes, graphs, bibliographies. writers have proficiency over a wide range of popular writing formats of composition, including APA, MLA, CMS, and others. When placing your order, please notify us of these specific details and any other/extra requirements (page numbering, headers, footers, unique margins, etc.).

The following rock-solid assurances are given by Hill Papers:

  • Superior research and writing on every subject by specialist
  • Absolute transparency
  • Your copyrighted ownership of the completed work
  • 100 percent plagiarism free work
  • Direct communication with your assigned writer
  • Delivery within your specified deadline \
  • Free title and bibliography page
  • The format and style of citation of your choosing
  • Customer Care 24/7

The majority of our professional writers hold graduate, Masters’s, and Ph.D. professional degrees in a wide variety of scholarly fields. The writer allocated to your project would be well qualified and would likely have taught in your subject area at the graduate or master’s level. We have an immaculate reputation for delivering thesis and dissertations that are usually published in respected scholarly journals.

After completing your online form in the order tab. We will receive all your information through an email. We will need any extra information or specifications that are required to complete your project or are asked by your instructor. Please indicate any specifics or details such as precise text or reference materials that are essential for your research. If there are specifics of the syllabus or instruction available, make sure to include this in your request so that we can be sure to fulfill the standards of the professor. After the completion, we will deliver your research through the provided email in the form. it is just that simple

It occasionally occurs, but email us promptly if you need changes or updates to your project. Within the defined deadline, we will accommodate any appropriate demands for changes and edits. Cash refunds are not eligible if all requirements are met, but to win your repeat business and achieve your 100 percent satisfaction, we will satisfy all of your fair demands as many times as you want because it is our motto that, “if you are not satisfied, we are not done”.

Because our competent writers promptly assist your project with 100 percent of their time and skills and provide you with a final project upon completion, cash refunds are not eligible until there is complete misunderstanding and negligence in following the guidelines or we fail to deliver the project on time. Any requests submitted within your defined timeline for updates, improvements, and edits are honored. Additional specifications or details that must be changed immediately during your time can be accommodated at no expense.

On a 24/7 basis, we have great text support and live online customer service representatives accessible through chat. Since our customers come from almost 70 countries around the world, misinterpretation can result from phone calls and unreliable connections. A written record is kept while we provide text/email/chat support so that we can deliver the best and most comprehensive service possible.

We never copy, alter, transcribe, or duplicate prior published material in any manner, irrespective of its source. Using specialized plagiarism software, all proposals submitted to you are closely pre-screened. This encourages us to ensure that all work provided is fully innovative, authentic, and distinctive. Your academic prestige relies on it, and our professional prominence depends on it.

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