Do’s and don’ts of writing a convincing personal statement

Getting admission to a reputable institute is not easy for every student. Selection committees consider either GPA, personal statement, letter of recommendation, or the ability of students to write a college essay for admitting them in their college.

A personal statement provides a hint to the selection committee about the skills, interests, goals, and accomplishments of an applicant. Writing a convincing personal statement provides you an advantage over other students. If you are unaware of how to write an impelling personal statement, that’s fine.

We have prepared a list of dos and don’ts that help you to leave a strong impression on the selection committee. Incorporate all the dos and avoid don’ts while writing to prepare an appealing introductory letter.

Do’s and don’ts of writing a convincing personal statement


  • Keep your statement professional.
  • Use relevant details, be specific, and to the point.
  • To make the statement effective and clear use of easy wording and short sentences.
  • Must include the reason for applying to that institute.
  • Mention all the skills and experiences related to the job.
  • Describe related hobbies.
  • Use active voice and correct verbs to grab the reader’s attention.
  • Show your enthusiasm for the opportunity in a positive tone.
  • Always write a personal statement in your own words.
  • Write a unique statement that looks different from other applicants.


  • Don’t make weaknesses and failures your focal point in a personal statement
  • Don’t bombard your introduction with irrelevant details.
  • Never add quote anything or provide references in your statement as it is all about you.
  • Avoid grammatical mistakes.
  • Try to stay away from Plagiarism by writing the statement in your voice.
  • Don’t ever dare to use fancy language and informal tone as it is a professional document.

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