Writing a summary in the easiest way

You are reading this blog post means you want to know the proper procedure of writing a summary. Summary writing is one of the toughest skills in all academic writings. But Here is the easiest way to crack this labor. Let’s explore each step needed to write a perfect summary in detail.

  1. Read the original text twice

The most important step to craft a good summary is to Read the original test at least 2 times. The purpose here is to grasp the idea of the work and to understand the writer’s tone and style without going into details.

  1. Take notes and highlight important points

Now read the text actively and note down major points that you want to merge in the summary. Mark important quotes, major events, plot points and highlight the points that you don’t understand.

  1. organize notes

After taking notes, it’s time to organize them in a manner that you can use notes as a reference when you start writing.

  1. Write down a thesis statement

A thesis statement is one line claim mostly written in an introductory paragraph to demonstrate the grip of the original text. The important thing to write a thesis statement is the identification of the text’s main idea.

  1. Craft a summary paragraph

Start your summary with the thesis statement and go on adding supportive points to construct the body paragraph. Make sure to incorporate all the supporting ideas and to maintain the flow of information by using transition words.

  1. Look for revisions

After writing the complete summary always reread it several times and make changes along the way if required. You can ask someone to provide feedback to improve your content.

You can get in touch with our support team if you find summary writing a challenging task and you think that it can affect your grades. Our experts’ team can craft your summary according to requirements.

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