How to Write an Observation Essay?

Are you having trouble starting your essay? Don’t worry we are here to help! Hill Papers will teach you how to outset an observation essay for any class and grade level. We will explore different ways to get started, as well as the best way to organize your essay so that it flows nicely and fulfill the requirements.

How to Write an Observation Essay?

Our experts at Hill Papers follow specific guidelines that guarantee success. Here are some tips they follow, which can also make your observation essay perfect:

Choose the Topic

A good essay starts with a topic. Don’t pick something too broad, like “cars.” It’s best to stick to one specific brand that you noticed or can write about at length. The first step is brainstorming the essay and coming up with some ideas for what you want to focus on.
Come up with an outline
Once you have a topic, it’s time to create an essay outline. An essay outline is just like a list of bullet points that tells the reader what they will learn from reading your essay. It should be simple and easy-to-follow so people can follow along without getting lost in long sentences or paragraphs.

Focus on the details

The essay needs to be written in a way that’s easy for people to follow. If you want the essay to make sense and flow nicely, it should focus on details instead of just generalizations. Instead of saying “the car was nice,” say something like “I noticed how clean and shiny its exterior looked.”

Use literary strategies

Make the essay more interesting to people who might not be interested in the topic. Instead of just describing what you saw, talk about how it made you feel or why you noticed it in particular. Make an effort to motivate yourself. Try to envision yourself in the same position as the one in question. Attempt to strengthen your sentiments by writing down anything that immediately springs to mind. As a result, your observation essay will be packed with feelings and passion, making it more appealing. However, don’t rely on feelings too much; be cautious!

Contextualize your essay

As one of the UK’s best essay writing services, we advise you to be sure to contextualize your essay by showing the bigger picture. For example, if you’re discussing homelessness on a global scale, describe how it’s different in other countries and regions around the world. If possible, try to compare one country or region with another so people can see which differences exist between them.

Summarize your essay in Conclusion

The essay should leave readers with a solid takeaway message. To do this, wrap up the essay in your conclusion and summarize what you’ve discussed so far. Ask yourself: “What have I learned from writing this essay?”

The observation essay is often one of the hardest essays to write, but it doesn’t have to be that way! If you follow these steps and practice good writing skills, then an essay can be a piece of cake!

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