How to Write a Precis Step by Step

Precis writing is a way of summarizing an article or book to provide readers with a concise and accurate summary. If you are looking for UK Write a Precis, then look no further! At Hill papers, we offer precis writing services that will ensure your precis is written perfectly. This blog will explain how experts at Hill Papers differentiate precis from summary and deem the characteristics necessary for top-notch precis.

Summary vs. Precis

A precis is a summary of an article or book, which has the potential to be much shorter than the original. In contrast, a summary will include key information from several different sources and may also provide analysis. In addition, a summary describes the major events in aggregate, but a précis concentrates on every detail and analyse a specific scenario in depth.

A precis is not the same thing as an abstract, which provides basic information about the topic of your paper without including any individual details or analysis. Precis writing services are offered by many companies to help students create Precis within short deadline periods and at affordable rates. However, what makes better than other websites is because our précis writing service follows a winning formula.

Characteristics of Precis Writing

When precis writing, it is important to include the following:

  • The thesis of your precis should be included in the first sentence. This allows readers to see how you view and analyse a topic from the very beginning.
  • Your precis will require an introduction and conclusion section as well as three major sections that cover the precis thesis, context and analysis.
  • The precis should be written in the past tense so that it does not sound like a summary of your personal opinion on an issue. Instead, you want to present alternative views or stances within your precis while maintaining objectivity throughout each section.
  • It should not be interpreted or paraphrased from the original text.
  • You can use quotations from the text but never copy the original text words. Instead, use your precis writing abilities to include quotes within a critical analysis section. You can also point out where the author agrees and disagrees with their thesis or argument in each quotation if you choose not to write about it directly.
  • The precis should be written as an academic paper instead of for leisure reading.

The first step in writing a precis is to read the text. The second is in the organization of your summary. Editing and proofreading should be the focus of the third stage. Another tried and tested method of producing a good precis is to write it in a certain style. It should be in the third person to make it sound more objective. Expert writers at Hill Papers also suggests that you can also choose a precis writing style that is either descriptive or analytical based on the nature of your precis and its intended audience.

Hill Papers’ writers can help you develop your précis by providing excellent writing services at reasonable prices, guaranteeing your success on every assignment! Hill papers ensure timely delivery so that you will never have to worry about late submission deadlines again! It is the best place for all your writing needs, so don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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