Dream Plagiarism-free papers? Follow 5 simple steps

In Academic writing mostly students build upon others’ work and they use different means to collect appropriate information and evidence. Finding data through the internet is not a tough job but it is not “easy as pie “to use data in your documents without facing a plagiarism issue.

Dream Plagiarism-free papers? Follow 5 simple steps

Plagiarism is considered a serious offense and it can result in loss of reputation, credibility, and paper retractions as you are stealing the work of others without giving them credit.

It is not all scary. Fortunately, you can avoid plagiarism in any type of paper you write by simply following the steps described below.

  1. Paraphrasing

Rewrite the original ideas without changing the actual meaning in your wording. Paraphrasing done properly can help you out of trouble. Keep a few things in mind don’t use too many similar phrases or words from the source and include citation of the source as you are still using other’s work.

  1. Present your thoughts

Instead of Parroting other’s ideas explore your thoughts, come up with your unique perspectives. But in case you have used the source ideas you have to cite them to avoid plagiarism.

  1. Include quotation marks

If you are using the source wording without paraphrasing must include quotation marks around the text to avoid Plagiarism and to show words are not yours. Cite the quote as well for the reader’s ease.

  1. Cite the source

Cite the source of data effectively in your writings with writers’ names, date of publication, and other citation elements according to the requirements of the format you are using.

  1. Use plagiarism checker

Before submitting your work always run your written material on plagiarism checking program to clear that your work is completely original or not.

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