Argumentative Essay Format and Topics – A Comprehensive Guide

When you are writing the 5 paragraph argumentative essay format allows for the detailed explanation of one supporting argument, you’ll need something more than just a point of view to get your thought across. Even the most forceful position will be unpersuasive if it isn’t well-structured and supported by sound arguments and facts.

Once you’ve appropriately structured your argumentative essay using a commonly known and practised argumentative essay format, persuading your audience comes a joy. It’s something to construct a well-thought-out theory, and others to communicate the thoughts. Both are necessary to write the best argumentative essay possible.

Don’t be fooled by the title: Argumentative essays do not need to be hostile or confrontational. Instead, it takes its title from the argument technique in which the writer gives adequate evidence to both justify and refute alternative viewpoints.

Argumentative Essay Format

The following are the elements that hold the argumentative essay together:

  • A thesis statement that is precise, succinct, and specified in the opening sentence of the paper.
  • Transitions between the opening, middle and ending are smooth and reasonable.
  • Body paragraphs with evidence-based support.
  • Supporting evidence might be factual, rational, analytical, or subjective.
  • A conclusion that does more than reiterate the premise and reconsiders it in light of the facts presented.


Here is a sample argumentative essay outline to help you succeed in effective writing:

I. Introduction

  • The first paragraph of your introduction establishes the tone and background for the argument you’re making.
  • The ending of this exposition must include a thesis statement that states your assertion and the reasoning for your viewpoint on a topic.
  1. Your thesis statement:
  • expresses your point of view on a topic
  • In a short essay, it normally happens towards the conclusion of the introduction.
  • should be conveyed accurately and frequently uses forceful wording (should, must, ought)
  1. Argumentative Thesis Example
  • Automatic firearms must not be manufactured, sold, or owned by a private person in the United States.

II. Your Argumentative essay format’s Body

  1. Background context
  • This portion of your article provides the reader with the necessary background information to comprehend your perspective. It could stand alone and also be presented in the introductory paragraph.
  1. Justifications or evidence to back up your claim
  • This section’s material must all corroborate your point of view. This is the most important part of your essay. In most cases, you start with a broad assertion and then support it with particular information or instances. Regardless of how extensive your reasoning is, each argument or piece of proof will require one to two well-developed paragraphs.

The following are examples of evidence:

  • First-hand experience and expertise of your subject.
  • Expert insights from reputable sources

III. Dealing with the Opposing View

  • Any well-written argument should anticipate and handle counter-arguments to the one being argued.
  • Identifying what your opponent is expected to reply in reaction to your reasoning demonstrates that you have considered your issue seriously. Acknowledging the other viewpoint strengthens your case!
  • This is usually done in the style of a paragraph that comes after the introductory or before the end.
  1. First Point of Opposition: Strict gun control legislation will have little effect on crime rates.
  • Rebuttal: Murder rates are low in the United Kingdom, Australia, and other countries where tight regulations are in place.
  1. Point of Opposition: Outlaws would still be able to own weapons.
  • Rebuttal: Any attempt to reverse the trend will be beneficial to younger generations.

IV. Conclusion

  • The paper should be brought to a reasonable ending in the concluding paragraph. It should illustrate the significance of your issue from the perspective of the rest of the world. In addition, your ending should reaffirm why your issue is important.
  • Some explanations provide suggestions for remedies or forecast the topic’s future.
  • Demonstrate to your audience what would transpire if your reasoning was accepted or rejected as you feel it should be.

Argumentative Essays Topics

If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas on your own or using an essay writing service for master’s program, check out this collection of argumentative essay themes for inspiration.

Technology Argumentative Essay Topics

Technology Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Is it appropriate for Facebook to collect data from its users?
  2. Should internet material be more tightly regulated?
  3. Has the internet influenced human society in a positive or harmful way?
  4. Are we overly reliant on computers?
  5. Should cyberbullying be punishable by law?

Education Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Should religious clubs and groups run by students be allowed in public schools?
  2. Is it necessary to provide comprehensive sex education to students?
  3. Should students be required to learn a foreign language or participate in physical education at school?
  4. Is it necessary for schools to stay open all year?
  5. Should physical education have an impact on a student’s grades?
  6. Is it true that home-schooling hinders a student’s capacity to gain social skills?
  7. Should music and other forms of art be available for free on the internet?
  8. Is it OK to teach creationism in public schools?
  9. Should instructors be held responsible for their students’ bad test scores?
  10. Should teachers be paid more?

Ethics Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Should sex jobs be made legal?
  2. Is it moral to allow animal testing?
  3. Curfews for teens, are they effective?
  4. Is cheating spiralling out of grasp?
  5. Is children’s conduct better or worse as compared to earlier times?
  6. Do violent video games lead to more aggressive behaviour?
  7. Is it ethically to clone people?

Economics Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Is it necessary to raise the minimum wage?
  2. Is it better for firms to pay a higher or lower tax rate?
  3. Should the wealthy be forced to pay higher taxes?
  4. Is our tax system equitable?
  5. Is the existing tax structure in the United States equitable?
  6. Should employers be required to offer paid parental leave?
  7. Is there an issue with an economic disparity in the United States?

Sports Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Should college players be compensated for their participation on sports teams?
  2. Do sports have an impact on a teenager’s academic performance?
  3. Should tackle football be prohibited for children under the age of 18?
  4. Is it better for baseball to have designated hitters or not?
  5. Should cheerleading be considered and recognised as a sport?
  6. Should students be compensated for participating in sports?

Finding credible sources and properly evaluating them is tough when writing a decent essay. Subsequently, this also necessitates a thorough examination of the data and consideration of any potential boundaries.  As a result, the writer’s analytical and creative talents must be top-notch.

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