100+ Persuasive Essay Topics for Students

The selection of persuasive essay topics might be one of the most difficult aspects of the writing procedure. Before you make a choice, make sure the topic meets your tastes as well as the requirements of your audience.

English teachers all across the globe like having their students rehearse persuasive compositions in elementary school, high school, and beyond.

Persuasive essays may be enjoyable to write if you choose a topic that is engaging, contemporary, and difficult enough to present a struggle. Discovering the ideal topic, on the other hand, might be tough.

What Is a Persuasive Essay and How Do I Write One?

A student should understand what a persuasive essay consists of, before going on to the selection of fascinating persuasive essay themes. It is a type of educational writing task in which the writer describes an issue and attempts to persuade the audience of their point of view.

The key idea should be reasonable and accurate. It is not sufficient to explain the personal perspective, as it is in argumentative writing. The goal is to convince the intended reader that the provided viewpoint is correct.

There are three parts to a persuasive essay.

Introduction: This is the first sentence of the article. It includes the hook, that is meant to grab the audience’s interest, as well as the premise, or reasoning, which you’ll describe in the succeeding part.

Body: This section, which is normally three to five paragraphs long, is the core of your argument. Each paragraph focuses on a different subject or topic that supports your argument.

Conclusion: This is your article’s concluding paragraph. You’ll summarise the important elements of the argument and tie them to the premise in this section. The conclusion of persuasive essays is frequently used as a last push to the readers.

Persuasive Essay Topics for Elementary Students

  1. For good grades, children should be awarded money.
  2. Less homework leads to better results.
  3. Dogs are superior to cats.
  4. There are a variety of reasons to begin learning a new language.
  5. All elementary schools should close at 2 p.m.
  6. Music class is less significant than gym class.
  7. Any class without snacks is boring.
  8. Life in the city is preferable to life in the country.
  9. We have the power to transform the world.
  10. Outside play is preferable to indoor play.
  11. Parents should be less demanding of their children.
  12. The most well-known historical person.
  13. Everyone should cultivate their crops.
  14. It is essential to attend school.
  15. Do you think your school does a good job of dealing with bullying?
  16. Do you believe students have a say in what they study?
  17. What do you believe the penalty should be for cheating?
  18. Do you believe that schools need to teach children how prepare their lunches?
  19. Is it more enjoyable to dine out or at home?
  20. It should be encouraged to bring pets to school.

Persuasive Essay Topics for Middle School Students

  1. Parents must set limits on how much time their children should spend watching television.
  2. Parenting seminars should be mandatory for teenagers.
  3. Do need Minorities need particular reverence or not.
  4. Uniforms should be worn by all students.
  5. Advertisements in magazines send out negative messages to young women.
  6. Celebrities do not serve as good role models for children.
  7. Healthy eating habits should be instilled in children from a young age.
  8. The start time for middle schools should be 10 a.m.
  9. Less homework should be assigned by teachers.
  10. Zoos are more harmful to animals than beneficial.
  11. Which animal is the greatest to train if you chose to do so?
  12. What is the finest animal to have as a pet?
  13. Do you plan on getting your pet from an animal shelter?
  14. Is it more enjoyable to participate in sports than to watch them?
  15. The average American eats a poor diet.
  16. Do you believe that students must cease participating in sports if their grades aren’t good enough?
  17. On a rainy day, what is the finest thing to do?
  18. Is it more exciting to see good folks or bad guys?
  19. Everyone must attempt to play a musical instrument at some point in their lives.
  20. Excessive Money has a negative impact on behaviour.

Persuasive Essay writing Topics

Persuasive Essay Topics for High School Students

  1. Young individuals should make their personal decisions on whether or not to join the army.
  2. Electric vehicles are the way of the future.
  3. Beauty pageants are detrimental to one’s self-esteem.
  4. Reasons to be truthful in any scenario.
  5. Schools needs to implement an obligatory admission test for high school.
  6. Do people’s interests assist them in their careers?
  7. Kindness is the most important personal quality.
  8. Athletes in college should be compensated for their efforts.
  9. A Bully’s parents need to compensate fine for their children’s behaviour.
  10. The use of social media causes more harm than good.
  11. Schools needs to phase out standardised testing.
  12. In school, more sports should be played.
  13. High school campuses need more police officers.
  14. There is never a good reason for war.
  15. Everyone should go on an international trip.
  16. A driver’s licence should be available to 14-year-olds.
  17. Are reality programmes superior to other forms of programming?
  18. Is it true that comedy is better than action movies?
  19. Churches should not be subjected to taxes.
  20. Do people’s interests assist them in their careers?

Persuasive Essay Topics for College Students

  1. The advantages and disadvantages of online schooling.
  2. It should be permissible to conduct domestic surveillance without a warrant.
  3. Does faminism undervalue the nature of maternity for a variety of reasons?
  4. Every household should have a catastrophe preparedness strategy.
  5. Patients with chronic conditions need special care in school.
  6. The government should strictly restrict the possession of firearms.
  7. Food producers should display the number of calories in each meal.
  8. There should be limits to free speech.
  9. Animal-derived goods should not be used.
  10. The US should construct a border wall with both Mexico and Canada.
  11. Dementia is an avoidable disease.
  12. Veganism is the only diet to follow for a healthy life.
  13. Agriculture should be given more land.
  14. Is the death penalty moral?
  15. It is time to abolish death penalty.
  16. Do individuals get aggressive as a result of playing violent video games?
  17. How engaged do you believe parents should be in their children’s education?
  18. Do you believe that professors connect with their students using social media?
  19. Was the use of the atomic bomb by the United States of America in World War II moral?
  20. What is the country’s most unjust law?

Persuasive Essay Topics for University Students

  1. Teenagers are becoming more violent as a result of violence in the media.
  2. Essay writing develop students’ critical thinking abilities.
  3. Families should minimise their children’s media coverage.
  4. Exports in India is causing the loss of jobs in the United States.
  5. Excessive consumption of the Internet interferes with an advanced teenager’s mental growth.
  6. Identification fraud is a bigger issue than you would believe.
  7. The increased use of standardised testing in the United States has enhanced graduates’ academic outcomes.
  8. The high school fundamental subject must not be overly wide.
  9. The higher education system in Europe is stronger than that in the United States.
  10. The government should increase the funding for the Food and Drug Authority to ensure the safety of our food supply.
  11. Schools should teach more nourishment and good eating habits.
  12. What would be the best course of action in the event of an extraterrestrial invasion on Earth?
  13. Working while hearing music boosts efficiency.
  14. It is not the best approach to save money by terminating staff.
  15. Human clones are fraught with ethical issues.
  16. Internal terrorism is a bigger issue than terror conducted by foreigners.
  17. School uniforms are essential for maintaining educational discipline.
  18. The only approach to sustainably reducing weight is to consume less and work out more.
  19. Is it more common for people to go abroad to study or simply to get away from their difficulties?
  20. Workplaces should foster creative thinking.

Final Thoughts

When writing a quality essay, finding reputable sources and thoroughly assessing them is difficult. As a result, a careful assessment of the data and evaluation of any relevant limits are required. As a result, the writer’s technical and inventive abilities must be of the highest calibre.

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